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A Gift to Nurture Hopes and Dreams

Give a gift in honor of a someone special in your life. Your gift to World Encounter, in their honor, will provide women in Africa with the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. With your gift women in rural villages receive a microloan, business training, personal coaching, and participate in a peer group support program to ensure their success.

Select the type of gift and amount below. Your gift recipient(s) will receive an Honoree card from World Encounter describing the generous contribution you have made in their honor. Options for Delivery of your Honoree’s Notification Card below.

Give a gift that keeps on giving!*


Dry Goods Store Supplies ($25)

Small kiosks (“Duka” in Swahili) in the local market are the norm in rural villages in Tanzania. Selling everything from soap to socks they provide the ordinary necessities of life. With a microloan women can increase the variety and selection and significantly increase their sales.



Sewing Machine ($120)

Tailoring can provide a steady income that is unaffected by the seasons or the weather. But the initial purchase price of a treadle sewing machine is beyond the means of most families. A microloan helps a woman over that hurdle.




Passel of Pigs ($45)

Pigs will eat just about anything. They are one of natures most utilitarian recycling devices. With just two piglets you have a passel. With a passel of piglets you start a herd. With a herd you…well, you get the picture. It grows into an enterprise.




Gaggle of Geese ($35)

The name for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle. They are hardy water fowl and can defend themselves against many predators. When raised to maturity they will fetch a good return on investment. Your donation will provide the funds to purchase a half-dozen young goslings.






Bicycle ($135)

In much of the world cycling is considered a leisure activity. But in places like Tanzania it is an important part of the private transportation system. It enables entrepreneurs to transport products to customers and is used as a taxi service for those who don’t have a bicycle. It’s the difference between a long walk or a quick trip to the next village.




Sunflower Seeds ($65)

$65 buys enough seed to plant one acre. Sunflowers are raised as a cash crop and sold to the mill to press for cooking oil. Sunflower seeds do not spoil and can be stored for many months following harvest. Women use their microloan to increase the number of acres they can plant. It also enables them to hold onto their seeds until the off-season when prices are much higher.





Cement Stove ($35)

Women in Africa spend a great deal of time gathering and carrying firewood for cooking. $35 will purchase cement, sand and chicken-wire reinforcement to build three stoves. The newly developed cement stoves produced by women in the microloan program burn 80% less firewood than a traditional 3-stone fire. So they dramatically reduce time spent gathering an increasingly scarce resource. The cement stoves also produce 80% less smoke which reduces smoke inhalation and respiratory problems.

Cut costs, save time, improve health, protect fragile environment. It’s a win, win, win, win proposition!




Fabric, Patterns and Supplies ($45)

Often a tailor provides only her skilled labor. It is difficult to set aside the capital to invest in inventory such as fabric and patterns. So villagers bring their own material to the tailor. With a microloan women can purchase inventory at wholesale prices and increase their income with profit on the fabric they provide to the customer. Everyone likes selection and choices.





Tea Stall and Restaurant ($75)

All you need is a charcoal stove, a couple of large pots and pans, a few extra chairs and service for six. That’s what it takes to convert your front room into a restaurant by day and your living room by night. Wood is scarce and expensive in north-central Tanzania. So even a small table is out of reach for many living near the poverty line of $1.25 USD a day. $135 is enough to acquire the basics to launch a restaurant and tea shop.





Basic Business Training ($120)

Training in business development and simple record keeping is difficult to obtain in small rural villages. Many girls drop out of school before the 4th grade to help at home. As a result women feel at a disadvantage with limited schooling. For $120 business training can be provided to a group of 10 women once a month for one year.

Two Options for Delivery of your Honoree’s Notification Card.

  1. World Encounter will send Honoree’s card directly to your gift recipient. Please include Honoree’s information on the DONATE page or email [email protected] with mailing information.
  2. World Encounter will send the Honoree’s card directly to you to distribute.
*Gifts on our Give a Gift page symbolically represent what our entrepreneurs do with the loans they receive. World Encounter does not purchase equipment, inventory or supplies for loan recipients. Rather, we encourage our entrepreneurs to utilize their loans to grow and expand their businesses as they would choose. Your gift purchase is a contribution to World Encounter’s holistic mission and will be utilized where it can do the most good to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty in the developing world. Your Give a Gift purchases are fully tax-deductible.
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