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Reflections on Outreach Experiences

I was blessed to have been invited to the “Rose Event” by Amy St. George. I truly enjoyed the event, and was thrilled to learn all about the Microloan program World Encounter shares with women in Africa. This is a great program and I am honored to provide a monthly pledge.

Thank you to World Encounter
Renee Q.

I just returned from my 15th short-term mission trip. On this trip more than any other I was reminded of the excellent training World Encounter has provided. Two things that come to mind are first, cultural awareness and understanding and respecting the way people live, and being able to lay aside my own ways. The second is to keep remembering the purpose of the trip:  bringing glory to God. Thanks for the training and encouraging me to use my gifts.

—John F. (India Teams)

I participated in my very first mission trip through World Encounter. I went to a children’s home in Tepic, Mexico that houses about 30 children and spent the most amazing, eye opening, life changing week of my life loving the little kids that live there. I fell in love with Mexico, the people and the culture and mostly the children at the orphanage. They stole my heart and every day I think of them and can’t wait to go back!

—Amy B. (Casa de Niños Team)

One of the highlights of the year at The Master’s Institute is our missions trip to central Mexico. [I learned that] God doesn’t need much to build his church. This was one of those “revelations” that I should have realized long ago just from reading the New Testament. What God needs to build his church are men and women of God. That’s all. Humility and faith build the Kingdom. We heard testimonies of men and women who had experienced persecution while pioneering the Christian faith in their villages. They saw their friends attacked and one murdered. Yet there was love, forgiveness, steadfast faith, humility—and the gospel message.

—Tom L. (The Master’s Institute Seminary, International Outreach)


Reflections on Cross Cultural Ministry Course

The class helped me realize that “missions” is simply a word we use to define the deliberate sharing of the gospel that takes plane tickets, planning, and lots and lots of prayer. Missions is God’s heart.

What I LOVED About the Course

* Learning the history of the world Christian movement.

* Discussions about cultural differences and how Americans can use their position to serve and witness…

* The synopsis and bios of people groups—this was a break through for me. I wept over the fact that out of four and a half million Baluch people “there are only ten known Baluch Christians in the world. I was shocked at the reality of those four million, four hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine-hundred and ninety people…

I am so thankful that God was able to reveal more of Himself to me through the training.

—Abigail C.

There’s nothing “light” about this course. It’s amazingly rich in content, packing a huge amount of relevant information into just a few weeks. Each class featured a speaker with extensive experience in various mission fields. And these hands-on perspectives really brought the course materials to life. Granted, the harvest is plentiful and the workers few — but the course showed that reaching all nations with the good news isnot only acievable, it’s something we can all take part in. Is there any greater endeavor?

—Mike P.

I just wanted to thank you for making the Perspectives Light class such an enlightening and growing experience. It has really helped me to focus my goals for our ministry in Liberia. This class really helped me see that it’s about training up their generation to be influential, Christian leaders in their tribes, communities, and society. That’s exciting! Perspectives Light also provided some guidance as to how to go about reaching people from every tribe, tongue, and nation — being relevant all the while. Thank you, thank you!

—Whitney W.

Perspectives Light was a great eye-opener for me! As a member of our church missions board, this course has forced me to re-evaluate how we allocate our resources.

—Dave K.

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