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Two Thirds of the World Remains Locked in Poverty

The goal of the microloan program is to empower women to make choices and changes that benefit their families and villages. With a microloan to start a small business women can:

  • Gain an increased measure of control over their lives.
  • Develop the means to work their way out of poverty.
  • Provide food, clothing, medical care and education for their children.
  • Grow in self-respect and dignity.
  • Pursue options, exercise choices and dream a brighter future.

Ten women form a peer-lending circle in a group-based program. Each member receives a small loan which is repaid in monthly installments. The women cross-guarantee each others loans and the group meets monthly for support and accountability. All group members must repay their loan in order for any member to qualify for another loan. With support and accountability built into the program women have a vested interest in each others success.

Women buy supplies and tools to begin or expand a small business such as food kiosks, tailoring, producing handwork, raising pigs or chickens, and growing crops.

Holistic Community Development

We work to alleviate physical and spiritual poverty:

  • Conduct holistic community development through microloan programs among the rural poor in Africa.
  • Provide training in business skills development, health education and leadership development.
  • Help individuals and communities identify and build on their strengths and capacity for change.
  • Leverage the skills and gifts of short-term volunteers to address the personal, spiritual and community development needs of those in the 2/3 world.
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