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World Encounter Microfinance

Reach out to Christians, Muslims and Tribals through ministries of compassion. World Encounter provides microloans to assist women in starting small businesses to enable them to support their families. Training is also provided in basic business skills as well as family health issues, community organizing and leadership development.

The goal of the microloan program is to help women work their way out of poverty. The program is a group based model built on ten women forming a Trust Investment Group. Each member receives a microloan to establish or expand a home based micro-business. The group members cross-guarantee each others loans, creating strong “social collateral”. Each group meets together once a month for training, support and accountability; the women have a vested interest in each other’s success.

Women involved in the program use their microloan to buy supplies and tools to establish small businesses such as hair salons, food kiosks, tailoring, producing handwork, raising pigs, growing sunflowers, distilling salt from the soil, and backyard rock quarries. A successful micro-business empowers women to provide food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education for their children.

World Encounter works in close cooperation with churches and schools to involve women in the microloan program from tribal, Muslim and Christians backgrounds.

Genuine success is realized through a holistic approach to Christian community development. Women involved in the program experience a growing sense of dignity, self-reliance, and confidence. The goal is to see individuals and the villages they live in transformed in all aspects of their lives and relationships. Self-sufficiency and freedom from the effects of abject poverty are a central concern.

World Encounter short-term volunteers are an essential link, empowering the success of women involved in the microloan program. Volunteers provide training in basic business skills such as organizational planning, marketing, and record keeping. Training in specific career skills ranging from agronomy to tailoring are also provided. Each volunteer raises support to cover the costs of participation on training and support teams.

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