World Encounter is devoted to developing entrepreneurs in Tanzania and has committed to pulling rural villages out of poverty through a sustainable microloan program.

Groups of 10 women entrepreneurs partner together in a peer-lending circle and receive mentorship and training as they begin their businesses. This lending circle fosters accountability and professional development, creating a ripple effect of generosity that extends to families and villages as businesses are started and sustained.

  • Over 70% of Tanzanians continue to live on less than $2 per day.1
  • Three-quarters of Tanzanians live in underserved rural areas and continue to be engaged in agriculture.2
  • Tanzania is the sixth poorest country in Africa.3
  • Tanzania is the 25th poorest country in the world.4
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  • To continue to reduce poverty and further economic growth, assessments recommend development of the rural economy, agriculture, and diversification of livelihoods into non-farm businesses. —World Bank, Tanzania Poverty Assessment Report | May 2015
  • “Improving the productivity of smallholder farms is central to lifting rural incomes and reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.”—Punam Chuhan-Pole, Lead Economist for World Bank Africa


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