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Brick Maker


300,000 Shillings

With five kids to care for and a husband, Grace Kyuzu, was always busy taking care of her family, but felt she could do more to make life easier and more fulfilling.

“I wanted to become a brick maker because most people in Kiomboi and other villages use bricks to build their homes and businesses,” said Grace.

So, in 2008, Grace started with the World Encounter microloan program and put her first loan towards purchasing fire wood and hiring labor to deliver the wood to her work site.


"One can’t make bricks without fire,” explained Grace, “I start by forming mud into rectangular blocks and setting them in the sun to dry. Once dry, I take the blocks and stack them together, but I leave a space in the center and fill it with fire wood. I seal the blocks with mud and then light the fire wood to bake the bricks.”

To keep-up with business, Grace used year two and three microloans to buy more supplies and land to have more space for brick making. Being able to expand allowed Grace to have a successful and sustainable brick business. It also gave her freedom to diversify.

“I put some of my brick profits towards the purchase of a pig and now I have eight healthy piglets. After four to five months, I will sell my pigs for 50,000 shilling each,” said Grace.

Grace has transformed her life and her family’s life after successfully completing her three-year loan cycle with World Encounter. She and her husband have grown their farm to 15 acres where they grow sunflowers, corn, and peanuts. She has built a new home for her family and is supporting two of her granddaughters. Her hope and our hope is that women in Tanzania continue to be empowered and that the future for her granddaughters is bright!

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