Women Creating Sustainable Economic Growth

Our program recipients have grown their businesses in agriculture, trades, food & hospitality, and fashion/tailoring. Here’s a quick snapshot of a few of the women World Encounter has helped.

Meet Grace

Grace used World Encounter to become a brick mason. As a grandma, she now gets to lead by example, showing her granddaughters that if they can dream it, they can achieve it!

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Ulumbi - World Encounter

Meet Ulumbi

Ulumbi used World Encounter to launch a children’s clothing business so parents had access to the mandatory school uniforms. Now she owns a motorcycle and can cruise easily to other markets to expand her reach.

Rehema-World Encounter

Meet Rehema

Rehema used World Encounter to pursue her dreams of being an entrepreneur. Now she owns three businesses and has built a new home for her family.

Itikisaeli Nkungu - World Encounter

Meet Itikisaeli

Itikisaeli used World Encounter to start a poultry business. A $60 microloan transformed her into one of the most successful entrepreneurs allowing her to give back to her community in big ways.