Eliminating Poverty by Elevating Women Entrepreneurs

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World Encounter

Creates sustainable economic growth globally by providing capital, coaching, and community to women.

WE is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Founded by Curt Rosen.

Together, WE can make waves for women entrepreneurs

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which empowered women entrepreneurs elevate communities and eliminate poverty through their inspiring economic growth.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth globally by providing capital, coaching, and community to women.

Our Purpose

Providing global communities for women to grow in entrepreneurship, along with operating microloan and mentoring programs, in rural Tanzania, Africa.

A Community-Based Approach

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Funding alone won’t solve the challenges faced by the women we help. With each microloan we provide to a woman in Tanzania, we also provide (and require) a peer-to-peer Support Circle and coaching for three years.

The result: 100% loan repayment success rate and a strong foundation for the businesses of our clients. Over 4,000 women served by World Encounter have transformed the lives of over 30,000 children and adults across 14 rural villages.

Success Stories

Our program recipients have grown their businesses in agriculture, trades, food & hospitality, and fashion/tailoring. Here’s a quick snapshot of a few of the women World Encounter has helped.

Itikisaeli Nkungu - World Encounter

Meet Itikisaeli

Itikisaeli used World Encounter to start a poultry business. A $60 microloan transformed her into one of the most successful entrepreneurs allowing her to give back to her community in big ways.

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Rehema-World Encounter

Meet Rehema

Rehema used World Encounter to pursue her dreams of being an entrepreneur. Now she owns three businesses and has built a new home for her family.

Grace - World Encounter

Meet Grace

Grace used World Encounter to become a brick mason. As a grandma, she now gets to lead by example, showing her granddaughters that if they can dream it, they can achieve it!

Ulumbi - World Encounter

Meet Ulumbi

Ulumbi used World Encounter to launch a children’s clothing business so parents had access to the mandatory school uniforms. Now she owns a motorcycle and can cruise easily to other markets to expand her reach.


Our Impact Grows with Your Involvement

Changing the world can’t be done alone.
WE is funded by generous individual donors, private enterprise, and grants. WE also grows through volunteers and partnerships.

WE is grateful for our relationships with corporate partners and other non-profits.

Historically, WE has received generously from Twin Cities companies, which have invested $1.8 million dollars (and counting) into women who are creating a sustainable global economy.

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