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Itikisaeli Nkungu - World Encounter





300,000 Shillings

Meet Itikisaeli Nkungu from the village of Kiomboi, Tanzania, a woman leading the way for other girls and women in her community!

She began in the World Encounter microloan program 13 years ago raising a handful of chickens. In year one, Itikisaeli's entire flock of chickens died. Feeling hopeless, she attended her Success Circle meeting and the other nine women encouraged her to continue. Together, they developed a strategy for Itikisaeli to learn from her mistakes and build her business back stronger. Since then, she has become an expert in the regions poultry industry, expanded her poultry business hiring other mothers in her village and has mentored numerous others on how to raise chickens.

Itikisaeli has a vested interest in the women of her village and wants to see them all be successful. Her commitment to the World Encounter program and willingness to work with other women is inspiring.

If that wasn't enough, she also wants to ensure children have access to a quality education. So with that goal in mind, she built a school in her back yard and hired teachers. In fall of 2017, she welcomed her first class of 32, three-five year old students. Today her school continues to expand and serve more families. The school has a bus, cafeteria and dormitories, solving many of the challenges families face when it comes to education.

We admire Itikisaeli and appreciate all she does in helping connect so many women to World Encounter and changing so many lives!

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