September 6, 2021

Education For All

The global-pandemic has placed lots of stress on parents and educators to ensure students continue to get a quality education. And although this has been difficult to navigate, not every child around the world is ensured an education.

The women we serve in Tanzania strive to run successful businesses to ensure their children can attend school. It comes with a cost too expensive for some. There are school fees, uniform requirements, school supplies and textbooks needed for each child.

Research shows that women invest 90% of their income into their families and communities. Every year, we watch our participants send their kids to school with pride knowing it was their accomplishments that allowed them to do so. Every parent deserves that pride and dignity. When a mother can afford to send all of her children to school, we are creating a VERY BRIGHT future!

In the village of Kiomboi, we have many standout women who are making education their highest priority. Itikisaeli, after years of success in her poultry business, has founded and built a school in her own backyard. There’s also Grace K., who is sending her daughter onto higher education to receive a teacher’s certificate so she can educate others. Teaching is a male dominated field in Tanzania, so this is a very exciting accomplishment. Grace’s granddaughters are also thriving students in their village of Kiomboi.

When you invest in World Encounter, know that you are not only empowering women, you are part of the ripple effect that ensures a future of educated and successful youth.

Now that’s a great feeling!

To learn more about one World Encounter participant who built her own school, we suggest reading about the amazing Itikisaeli Nkungu!

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