September 10, 2021

Back to Tanzania

After a long 18 months of navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, World Encounter Founder and Operations Director, Curt Rosen, joins the program team and participants in Tanzania! We have a long list to try and accomplish while there, but here are our focus areas:

Listen & Evaluate -- How are staff and microloan participants feeling and doing since the pandemic started? How are they dealing with the passing of long-time Program Director, Steven Luther? As we learn, we will evaluate and create action plans on how we can move forward to best serve the communities we work in.

Recruit & Training -- A large part of this trip will be spent working with current and interim staff and recruiting to fill our Program Director position.

Steven Luther Legacy Fund -- In May of 2020, Steven Luther, World Encounter Program Director passed away and we launched the Steven Luther Legacy Fund. The goal of this legacy fund is to support the Program Director position to continue building on the legacy Steven created with World Encounter, and to help support Steven’s wife, Mama Valentine and two children, Valentine and Prosper. Curt will be meeting with Mama Valentine to learn how we can best support her and Steven’s legacy.

We will share updates as we travel throughout the 14 villages we work in.

To learn more about World Encounter or to get involved, we suggest reading about the first entrepreneur CEO Emily Conroy met on their visit to Tanzania, Grace Kyuzu.

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