February 22, 2022

How Giving a Microloan Turns Into Building A New Home

As we reflect on this long and cold Minnesota winter, we are hopeful to welcome spring!

Just as spring provides a fresh start for many, so does the ability to build a new home. World Encounter’s microloan program empowers women to start and sustain successful businesses. A byproduct of these successful businesses are new homes. During every visit to Tanzania, we are welcomed into new homes and stand next to women at their new building sites. For most women, this is the first home with brick walls, a cement floor, tin roof, windows and doors. Most have been living in mud huts with thatched roofs and a single room. A new home is life changing for these women and families.

Wansola N. is pictured standing in the doorway of her soon to be completed home.

Using World Encounter microloans, she started a small store called a duka. She also raises pigs and farms 12 acres of sunflowers and maize. Wansola and her two children have been living in a one room dirt-floor hut and soon will have a new home with their own rooms for the first time!

We are thankful for you and all of our supporters who see the value in investing in women entrepreneurs. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive. Because of you, women like Wansola are not only becoming successful business women, they have a new place to call home.

To learn more about World Encounter or to get involved, we suggest reading about the first entrepreneur Emily Conroy met on their visit to Tanzania, Grace Kyuzu.

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