May 9, 2021

Mothers are Change Makers

Motherhood is beautiful and it is tough. Over two years ago, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy, and each day I get to experience both the excitement and challenges of motherhood.
My title, mother, has come with many feelings of pride in how World Encounter works to empower women. As a mother, I would do anything for my son. I want to protect him, love him and help him succeed. I want him to have opportunities to grow into a successful and loving person, and that’s exactly what the mothers in Tanzania want for their children.

Farida - World Encounter

Farida with her six children and one grandchild.

I find myself thinking of all the mothers we work with in Tanzania. The woman who is expecting her first child and the mothers who have ten or more children. Each sleep deprived and sore from carrying their babies. Each of them excited to provide opportunities to their children. Opportunities that wouldn’t exist without being in the World Encounter microloan program.Moms like Farida Kingu, who started in the microloan program to expand her baking business so she could ensure her children and grandchildren could receive health care, better nutrition, education and all the things children deserve. Through empowering mothers, we empower their children. Mothers are the guardians and teachers. Mothers are the change makers and leaders. One thing I witness time and time again, and now know for myself, mothers are tough!

Happy Mother’s Day,
Emily Conroy, CEO World Encounter

To learn more about World Encounter or to get involved, we suggest reading about the first entrepreneur Emily & Robb Conroy met on their visit to Tanzania, Grace Kyuzu.

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